Welcome to browluxe®!

Born from a gap in the brow market, browluxe®’s approach to product development is rooted in shade offering; aiming to provide a perfect match for each and every beautiful pair of brows.

Our love of cosmetics surpasses how it makes a person look and focuses on how it makes them feel, and we know there’s nothing better than finding that perfect product - one that feels like it was made for YOU.

We aim to create products that outperform all others of its kind on the market in quality and usability, while offering it at a price point that makes it a no-brainer decision compared to industry leading brands.

Our products have been created by brow expert and professional MUA, Giovanna Minenna.

“I got my start working in the makeup industry doing film and movies in Toronto. I loved it, but eventually the grueling schedule caught up with me and I wanted to take the leap and start my own business. I saw the opportunity to specialize in brows and create a brow bar and permanent makeup business in my hometown of Winnipeg. Three years in and I had 25 staff, 2 locations and was training people across Canada in PMU, but one thing was missing; a high-quality brow pencil my team could use in-studio and recommend to our clients. Nothing on the market met my standards for quality, value or offered the shades I was looking for. So, I started work formulating my own! Browluxe was born and we never looked back.”

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to make browluxe® a part of your day-to-day brow beauty routine. To be sure that you’re as proud of this product as we are, we were sure to make it using vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients, manufacturing and testing processes. We’ve gone one step further to be sure our claims are certified by the Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Certification Program.

Experience the best with browluxe®.