We've designed our range with you in mind.
Here is our shade guide to make finding your perfect match even easier!
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Create brows that are calm, cool and collected with this clay-like shade.
The perfect choice for natural blondes that are running from warm brows.

This ashy brown is the perfect choice for blondes, brunettes, and everyone in between.
Versatile and cool, this shade can get your brows through anything.

A shade that accentuates silver locks and ensures you always make a statement.
This cinder-grey tone is also the perfect match for you if the usual 'black' is too bold for your unique brows.

We can’t espresso how much you’re going to love your brows with this bold and balanced shade.
Say cappucci-NO to bad brows.

We’ve gone deeper and darker than ever before with this volcanic brown-black neutral.
Heavy in colour, smooth in application.

An easy choice for brunette babes, and orange-auburns with a brown undertone; this shade is everything you’ve been looking for.
Feel warm and welcome in the world of beautiful brows!

Red-auburn beauties, fear no brow!
If you have more orange-red in your luscious locks, look no further.
Spice up your brow game with this fox-toned reddish brown.

A classic shade for our darker beauties.
This decadent chocolate tone is just rich enough to define your arch.