browluxe® - Our Story

browluxe® Founder and CEO Giovanna is a proud award-winning Canadian entrepreneur, professional makeup artist and leader in the permanent cosmetic industry.

Through her multi-faceted brow studios, Winnipeg-based Brows by G, she found the cosmetic industry’s brow category was lacking in products that accurately matched her clients’ brow hair, and managed to last throughout the day.

browluxe® uses undertone and hair colour as the guiding force for product creation, and extends G’s values of inclusivity, professional quality and self-love into each initiative.

“For me, it surpasses how a product makes someone look and focuses on how it makes them feel”. - G

Director of Operations

Remy is all things product! She’s brought browluxe® all across Canada and the USA! If you're one of our retailers you've definitely had the pleasure of speaking with this one!

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Brand Manager

There’s no way browluxe® would be the brand we dreamed it could be without this amazingly talented branding powerhouse. Lauren is in complete control of all things media and branding under our roof.

Check out her handy work throughout our website & on our Instagram!

Welcome to browluxe®!

We’ve approached the design of our browluxe® Precision Brow Pencils from a shade perspective; aimed at providing a perfect match for each and every beautiful pair of brows.
Our love of cosmetics surpasses how it makes a person look and focuses on how it makes them feel, and we know there's nothing better than finding that perfect product - one that feels like it was made for YOU.

We aim to create products that outperform all others of its kind on the market in quality and usability, while offering it at a price point that makes it a no-brainer decision compared to industry leading brands.

The browluxe® Precision Brow Pencil has been created by brow experts with a background in professional makeup artistry, and publicly praised by permanent cosmetic technicians, makeup artists, and clients both in-studio and at home. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to make browluxe® a part of your day-to-day brow beauty routine.

To be sure that you are as proud of this product as we are, we were sure to make it using vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients, manufacturing and testing processes. We've gone one step further to be sure our claims are certified by the Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Certification Program.

Experience the best with browluxe®.

We sat down with our CEO & Founder, Giovanna Minenna, and asked her a couple questions for you to get to know browluxe® a bit better!

What made you want to start the browluxe® line?

Well, I was sending clients to other retailers to purchase pencils; they didn't know what to buy, what colours etc. so I wanted to have a line in-studio that was really easy to match undertone, skin tone and were easy to use at home for the client. What better brand than our own?!

Why start with a brow pencil?

It's precise. the design on our pencil allows for effortless application. It's the easiest consumer product to send home with a client. all-in-one compact product that you can take with you anywhere.

What elements of the component's design were on your wish list and why?

Well, of course the triangular tip was really important because with the rise of the Microblading trend, we wanted people to be able to replicate a hair-stroke effect and this was the perfect design to be able to do so. Also, I need my brow pencils to have a dual-ended spoolie to facilitate blending and in case i make a mistake (it's a great eraser)!

Why did you choose to expand the line to 8 shades?

It's about being able to match and accommodate each and every undertone, skin tone, hair colour. So we chose 8 unique but universal tones that can match each individual in a custom way, yet swing easily between different hair and skin tones.

What is your favourite non-brow use for the browluxe® pencil?

Freckles and Eyeliner! Freckles with the precise sharp tip

What shade(s) do you use?

Depending what stage my hair colour is in, what my overall makeup look is like and how bold I feel like going with my brow, I use either W-01 Walnut or N-01 Coffee!

Do you prefer a fluffy or bold brow?

Depending on the look that i'm going for - if the brows are the focus then BOLD - but if i'm going for a more day-to-day natural look then fluffy all the way!

What can we expect to come next for browluxe®?

You'll just have to wait and see!