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The Ultimate Indie Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

November 15, 2019

The Ultimate Indie Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and with that comes a lot of joy, and sometimes a little stress. Gift-giving can be just as much fun for the giver as for the receiver, and when you really care about someone, you want to go the extra mile to ensure you’re giving them something special.

Most of us really don’t NEED anything. This means that that over the holidays we tend to give and receive a lot of knick knacks, beauty sets from big chain retailers, lotions, candles and socks that we toss aside and tend to forget about. What many people don’t think about is what an amazing opportunity the holidays are for supporting indie brands and local retailers; as well as  giving loved ones something they will be able to incorporate into their daily routines!

Gifts from small businesses tend to be more unique, better quality, and more memorable. They’re typically not the products you see in the windows at big malls, but they always have a backstory and brand founder that has an inspiring story to tell. There’s something so special about knowing exactly where your money is going and who you’re supporting.

To help you ease into this holiday season, we’ve made it easy for you! Here at browluxe® we’ve narrowed down 10 of the best indie beauty brands to support (in our humble opinion) when shopping this season. These are based on quality, price point, and backstory. Ensuring that the products are not only good for the user but are conscious to the planet in their lifecycle as well.

Take a peak – and comment below to let us know where you’re shopping this holiday season and what other amazing brands and products we should know about.


  1. Eco Roots

Eco Roots is an eco-driven, sustainable company founded by a couple in Colorado. They pride themselves in their plastic-free and zero waste beauty products and cleaning supplies including these beautiful rose gold safety razors , reusable cotton pads , and this adorable zero waste self-care kit. Make your loved ones happy knowing they’re reducing their waste – and looking good doing it ;)


shop eco roots  |  follow @ecoroots


  1. Captain Blakenship

Another Leaping Bunny Program Certified company, Captain Blakenship develops high quality beauty products dedicated to preserving the planet and motivating positive change. They donate a portion of their profits to local and national organizations each year and are a certified B Corp! They have the most dreamy line of mermaid style hair products including this talc-free dry shampoo ( that smells of beachy roses. Plus you can bundle the mermaid collection to create the ultimate package and save 20%!

The amazing team at Captain Blackenship is giving you 15% OFF your holiday purchases with code BROWLUXE15



shop captain blankenship  |  follow @captainblankenship


  1. Wolf and Pine Co.

 Wolf and Pine is an Ontario-based herbal beauty care company that donates a portion of every purchase to wolf and wildlife sanctuaries along with reforestation efforts in parts of British Colombia. They hand pick wildcraft botanicals, are 100% vegan, and all product names are absolutely hilarious and are sure to get a chuckle out of your loved ones. Check out the Ho Fo Sho Body oil that’s perfect for the drying winter months, or the Log Driver beard oil for the bearded babe in your life!

 Our new brand bff and founder of Wolf and Pine Co. has gifted all of you 15% OFF with code BROWLUXE15. Get shopping!



shop wolf and pine  |  follow


  1. REMIX by Giselle Wasfie

Acupuncturist-herbalist Giselle Wasfie developed an amazing aromatherapy and beauty line based in Chinese medicine. The products use the principles of energy medicine to deliver a mind and body healing effect in such a unique way! Many of their products also serve a dual-purpose, including WEED, an all-natural bug repellant that doubles as a unisex cologne, so you can still attract humans while warding off the insects!



shop remix by giselle wasfie  |  follow @remixbygiselle


  1. Maya Chia

 Maya Chia is a skincare brand that uses the oil they extract from chia seeds to create gentle skincare products free of chemicals and impurities. Chia is one of the most nutrient dense plant sources of omega fatty acids, antioxidants and essential minerals (aka everything your skin needs to thrive). Our stand-out product is the Refresh Mint moisture mask filled with pumpkin and pineapple enzymes to transform dull winter skin into glowing brightness. Yes, we will be using this on #FaceMaskFriday.



shop maya chia  |  follow @mayachiabeauty



  1. Portia Ella

Portia Ella is a beautiful little shop in Winnipeg whose second location is opening in Kelowna November 15th! While we HIGHLY recommend visiting their team of experts in-store, they also conveniently operate a large e-commerce business – perfect for front door delivery. They bring together indie Canadian beauty brands in a perfectly curated collection of safe, ethical and vegan skin care. Check out the intense selection process that goes into choosing their products. There’s so much to love here. Among the top-quality skincare essentials, you’ll find this amazing bamboo capsule for you to create your own palettes based on your (or your friends’) wants and needs. 

The lovely souls from the Portia Ella team have extended us 10% OFF to stock-up and shop using BROWLUXE – so hop to it!



shop portia ella  |  follow @portia_ella


  1. Indie Lee

Indie created her skincare line when her life changed in 2008. After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and a rare brain tumor, doctors gave her 6 months to live. After an intensive surgery, she gained the insight she needed to transform the way she was caring for her skin. She realized that many people don’t realize the impact the products we use on our skin have on our health. Our favourite finds from her collection are this overnight drying lotion combats breakouts but not at the expense of your skin. If you’re facing dry winter climate like us, this Lip Treat is essential for banishing dry flaky lips. Their simple, sleek branding is guaranteed to embellish any vanity in style.

We couldn’t be happier to share a discount code with you that the Indie Lee babes so graciously offered us. Use BROWLUXE for 15% OFF now through December 15th!


shop indie lee  |  follow @indie_lee


  1. Pink House Natural Solutions

Pink House is a small batch beauty supplier in Vancouver, BC. Tracy and Karen built the business in 2013 when they started to take note of the additives and chemicals in their daily products. They are passionate about confidence in health and high-end natural products at a reasonable price. They’re branding is oh so beautiful and we love their glow sticks; perfect for an effortless holiday look (and gift)! 



shop pink house  |  follow @pinkhouseorganics


  1. Harlow

This Vancouver based beauty brand uses under 12 ingredients in each of their products and insist on sourcing from social enterprises; making you feel at ease about what exactly you’re putting on your skin! Check out their Hey Gurl Hair Powder for the busy-bee in your life. Grease relief without the harmful aerosol bottles is MUCH cuter ;)


shop harlow  |  follow @harlowskinco

  1. Graydon Plant Powered Skincare

We talk about them all the time, but we can’t help it! Our friends at Graydon Skincare in Toronto, Ontario know good products and high-quality ingredients better than most. We trust them with our skin and know your loved ones will hop on the plant-powered skincare bandwagon right along with us once their gifted one of their beautiful products. Our team’s top picks are the Superfood Serum and multipurpose tinted moisturizer, Face Glow

Find them almost everywhere high-quality skincare is sold (including Portia Ella (link portia ella) retailers ^^ listed above!)


shop graydon skincare  |  follow @graydonskincare


BONUS à Browluxe® (

We are absolutely biased, but browluxe® Precision Brow Pencils are the sweetest stocking stuffer for both a makeup beginner makeup, and the master makeup artist in your life. Browluxe® is Leaping Bunny Program Certified, vegan-friendly, and perfect for those who care for animals as much as their brow game! Browse through your friends’ pictures and click here to find out what shade will work best for them, or take advantage of our shade matching expertise and send us a picture on Instagram!

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All the brands mentioned are working towards a future of beauty and self-care driven by equality and respect for not only ourselves but the planet we call home. Show your friends and family just how much you love them and be sure to tag us if you post pictures of the presents!

Happy shopping, and our warmest wishes this holiday season.

xo browluxe®

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