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Our Recycling Initiative

July 26, 2019

Our Recycling Initiative

Beauty products can have negative effects on the environment; filling landfills with trash and polluting our water sources and oceans. Thankfully companies large and small are beginning to step up their sustainability game; prioritizing the responsible sourcing of ingredients, implementing earth-friendly manufacturing processes and experimenting with inventive recycling programs.

We all have a role to play and even the smallest gestures make an impact. At browluxe® we have decided to put eco-friendly practices into play as much as possibly in hopes of making a difference. We’re hoping that you’re onboard to help us extend this to the consumer level as well!

We have recently decided to switch our mailers for all orders to recyclable and biodegradable material which means we are cutting down our impact on environmental waste.

Our top contender for mailer options was the Enviro-LogiX ™ Bubble Mailer. They are made with 100% recycled, unbleached kraft paper and use 100% polyethylene bubble liner.

Whether our products are sent by land, sea or air, regular plastic packaging can yield immeasurable amounts of pollution across the globe. There are many ways to lessen the environmental impact of shipping, including;

1. Opting for recycled content

There are various certifications designed to ensure that the packaging you are shipping with is environmentally-friendly. Because all paper starts with trees, use a box that came from sustainably managed forests by looking for Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified packaging. Our mailer packaging is FSC certified recycled, unbleached, natural kraft outer made from 100% post-consumer recycled content. This packaging features adhesives and inks that aren't harmful to the environment. Although these types of mailers come at a premium, as a company we are committed to doing what is right and best for the environment.

2. Use eco-friendly filling material

Styrofoam and plastic bubble wrap are the standards when it comes to insulating products against damage from drops, heat and cold. These materials can be hazardous to the environment in many ways. Not only is Styrofoam a petroleum-based product and non-sustainable, its manufacturing process also generates a mass amount of waste. Regular plastic bubble wrap is non-sustainable, non-recyclable post-use and harmful to the environment.

To avoid fuel-based fillers, we have opted for mailers that have 100% reclaimed polyethylene bubble liner which is biodegradable! This means less of a carbon footprint at the end of the shipping process.

What does all this mean for you? The entire Enviro-LogiX ™ Bubble Mailer can be placed in your recycling bin! No need to disassemble or take to a specially designated facility or drop-off centre. You can help continue the chain of earth-friendly practices from the comfort of home or work.

3. Size matters

The size and volume of our packaging uses fewer materials and takes up less space on a plane, boat or truck. More compact packaging means less space and waste. We are conscious about how we package our items to ship and ensure not to use more than we need to in order to keep your products safe and perfect for when they arrive at your door.

How can you help with your orders? Be more conscious of order size, combine orders with friends, or stock up instead of refilling one pencil at a time. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all Canadian orders of 2 pencils or more to encourage reduced shipping cost and waste. Keep this in mind the next time you checkout!

We are working hard to continue our sustainability and recycling efforts but everything that we are doing is not able to work unless we can count on you to recycle your packaging. So, the next time you get an order from us, this about your order size, be sure to place your Enviro-LogiX ™ Bubble Mailer in the recycling bin, and feel free to reach out to us with any suggestions on how we can up our recycling game! Feeling the excitement? Take 10% OFF your next order with code ECO10. We appreciate it and the earth thanks you too!

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