What the heck happened in 2019

What the heck happened in 2019

Here we are, nearing the end of the first month of not only a new year, but a new decade.

It’s safe to say that we are all very excited to see what 2020 (and beyond) holds for our brand and product line; but we will always look back to the lessons and accomplishments that 2019 brought to our brand.

We thought we would take a minute to fill you in on what we learned in hopes that maybe you’ll share some of your experiences/lessons/learnings/realizations with the #wearebrowluxe community to take us into this new chapter.


  1. Comfort is great, but it doesn’t make waves ;)

As a start-up company in the indie beauty space, we took on the most competitive market of all; Cosmetics. In 2019 we were anything but comfortable. There were many obstacles and new issues that arose in our first months of business (and still come up today) that we have never faced or been aware of before we started this journey. Being in a completely new space for our entire team, we quickly learned that we had no idea what we were doing – and were totally fine with it. We knew that in order to help this brand and product get the recognition that we know it deserves, we were going to have to kick down doors, climb through windows, and be prepared to take on anything that those new rooms held for us. The cosmetic industry and all its intricacies has humbled us into a position of discomfort that not only has strengthened our team, but reinforced our commitment to our brand values and messaging. We’re changing the way brands should approach shade range – why wouldn’t things get a little weird and whacky to start?!

  1. You can’t do it alone; asking for help is not a weakness.

This day and age of social media is, let’s be frank, frickin’ awesome. BUT with that comes an unspoken requirement to put your best foot forward and show the success. Frankly, as a new business in an industry that we’ve never been in before, more often than not we have no clue what we’re missing, how to do something or who to get in touch with to get ‘__’ done. We have Googled, cold called, emailed, DM-ed and even semi-stalked (kidding) people to find out how to do everything from navigate government regulatory standards, to organizing international logistics. The strength of our brand comes from all of the individuals that have lent a hand along the way. Without setting aside our pride and admitting that we don’t have the answers, we wouldn’t have a product at all. Your community is there for you – lean on them.

  1. Find the expert and HANG ON TO THEM.

As much as we want to say we ‘do it all’ and ‘know it all’; it’s simply unrealistic. There are amazing individuals, teams and companies that are at the top of their game in their industry and are experts in their field. They’ve put in the hours to know their stuff, and are willing and able to take on whatever part of our operations we need help with – why wouldn’t we tap into that? Browluxe® intends on being the go-to brand for bomb brow products that provide a perfect match shade for everyone. We don’t claim or intend to be experts in every department that makes the wheels of our business turn daily. We need the best of the best and we know that means sometimes you need to outsource and invest in those who are.

Above all of this, the most important thing we learned in 2019, is that our community, our customers and our retailers are the absolutely best.

We could not be where we are without all of your support and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With this, we are thrilled to announce that browluxe® has been named a Best of 2019 Bold Commerce Stories Honoree, along with some other amazing teams. Check out our story at http://boldcommerce.com/stories/ for a little insight into what last year held for us.


So tell us – what did you learn in 2019?

Share in the comments below and celebrate taking those lessons into 2020 with us.

Let’s make this decade the best one yet ;)

 Xo browluxe®