Show A Little Love

Show A Little Love

The emphasis on love is high this month; and why not take the time to reflect on everyone that’s shown you support and care through this year full of distance.

We’re taking this month not as a focus on one day, but on 28 days of opportunity to recognize each person in our personal and business lives that make things just a little bit easier, provide compassion and understanding, and simply help us get through when times were tough.

As we all know, it’s about walking the walk and showing up when you’re needed.

If you have a list (long or short) of people that deserve recognition, we’ve got a few suggestions on ways to give back - and no, not all of them require any investment other than time.

1. Two words.

It’s often overlooked how far a heart-felt “Thank you” can go.

Whatever your medium of choice, the recipient is bound to take a moment to smile and feel the warm and fuzzies inside, for the simple fact that you took 2 minutes out of your day to recognize their effort; whether it was conscious or not. Our suggested formats:

  • Voice note (in-house fav): great over text or social media, hearing your voice adds a little extra oomph.
  • Video: even if it expires after watching (send through instagram or Facebook to take advantage of this feature), a video is a small dose of face-to-face action that many people are missing during this time.
  • Personalized Note aka Snail Mail: get creative with your handwritten fonts, and even toss in a sketch or two. In a world of digital wonder, the personal touch of taking the time to write out and send how you feel will go a long way.

2. The Virtual Hang.

Unless you’re perfectly happy with solitude (we feel you) and have avoided all video call platform action over the past 11 months (you are truly talented), you know that scheduling a little virtual hang is the closest you’re going to get to quality time!


3. Token of Appreciation

While the previous two expressions of appreciation are fantastic, you may have the desire to include a gift of sorts along with your thanks.

Our suggestions:

  • Baked Goods: whether you take this on as a personal project our out-source to a local bakery, everyone loves a treat.
  • Meal Delivery: send them a dish from their (or your) favourite restaurant. Tip: give them a heads up that something is coming otherwise your account could be flagged for fraud.
  • Your Favourite Product from a Local Brand: we aim to support local in as many ways as possible, and with so many amazing vendors, platforms featuring these brands, and higher level of quality than with mass, it’s a no-brainer.

Take a look at our list in case something overlaps with yours:

  • Happy Dance Hummus - Because snacks are life.
  • Little Brown Jug Beer - A selection of flavours to toast any occasion.
  • Rocanini Coffee Roasters - Help them start every morning with a delicious cup of Joe. Their packaging is as pleasing as their flavour profiles.
  • Plant Collective - Have a green baby delivered right to their door; lasts longer than a flower arrangement, and there’s a selection of low-care plants that even plant-killers will find easy to love.
  • browluxe® Precision Brow Pencil - Take personalized gifts to the next level. Give us a shout and we’ll help with a custom shade match. Use THANKYOU15 for 15% OFF your next purchase of 2 pencils or more.
    Offer valid until February 20th, 11:59pm CT. 

We have some pretty amazing things in store for this year - stay tuned to catch the latest updates on what browluxe® has to offer.

All our love,
xo browluxe®