How to Shape Your Eyebrows for the First Time

The first time you decide to shape your eyebrows it can be an intimidating task, and most don’t know where to start. Several factors determine the best shape for your eyebrows (go check out our earlier blog post on which shape is best for your face!) including your

  • Face Shape,
  • Eyebrow Hair Colour,
  • Eyebrow Thickness,
  • Desired Look,
  • ... the list goes on. 

If you’re not sure which shape you want, we suggest taking a quick gander through the internet and looking at eyebrow shapes on various celebrities, models and even images of friends (think your brow-inspo) to determine which shape appeals to you the most.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

1. Shop for Eyebrow Tools

First things first, you’ll need to purchase the tools necessary to shape your eyebrows. Eyebrow shaping tools are generally available at most drug stores, makeup speciality stores (Sephora, Ulta) and really anywhere you can find cosmetics.

Tools for shaping your eyebrows typically include:

• Tweezers: Tweezers are for tweezing your eyebrow hairs from the root, this is the most effective way to keep them from growing back immediately and to give a polished, more refined look. 

• Eyebrow Brush: An eyebrow brush, or spoolie, is bristled like a mascara wand to really grab all of your tiny eyebrow hairs. This can be used to smooth your eyebrows out, and also to brush them up in order to get a good trim. Pro tip: you'll find a super luxe version on the other end of your browluxe® Precision Brow Pencil ;) 

• Trimming Scissors: Brow scissors are pretty self explanatory. They are tiny, sharp scissors that can be used to trim any longer than desired hairs to a natural and manageable length; creating a clean look.

• Eyebrow or Face Razor: These razors are small safety blades that you can use to safely shave (shorten) hairs down to skin level. Place the razor at a 45 degree angle to the skin and gently shade any undesired peach fuzz around the brow. Don't get too close! You want to sharpen the appearance of the brow, not shave it off ;) *Please note that all face razors are single use and should not be used more than once if you want to avoid ingrown hairs and/or skin irritation. 

Once you’ve purchased the tools you think you need, you are ready to begin shaping your eyebrows for the first time.


2. Find Your Desired Eyebrow Shape

As we said above, finding your desired eyebrow shape is important in order to know how to go about shaping your eyebrows. Depending upon the shape of your face, certain eyebrow shapes will be more for less flattering and will help to frame your eyes better. Additionally, you’ll need to decide if you want a sharper more dramatic eyebrow shape or a softer, more curvy shape.

Our overall general recommendations are as follows:

• Round-Shaped Face: Go for an angled brow with a moderate arch 

• Oval-Shaped Face: Go for a soft angle

• Heart-Shaped Face: Go for soft, rounded eyebrows

• Square-Shaped Face: Go for slightly rounded brows to bring balance to the face

Each face shape is unique and different; we always advise relying on the natural bone structure of your face and letting your natural brow shape guide and influence the shape you ultimately aim for. 

Once you’ve determined which brow shape you prefer, there are a few different ways you can go about beginning to shape your eyebrows.

3. The Shaping Process

If you’ve selected the shape you feel will fit your face the best, then the next step is to begin shaping. We have a few recommendations on how to best do this yourself.

HOLD UP! First-timer? We strongly suggest seeking the help of a professional aesthetician or brow specialist before just going in with tweezers. A well-educated professional should be able to help you find your shape my measuring using mathematical ratios and measurements based on your natural facial geometry. They can tell you what you can vs. shouldn't touch when approaching at-home brow care. 

If you think you know a thing or two about your brows and are ready to take the leap into independent at-home brow maintenance, proceed at your own risk! And, as always, measure twice, tweeze once. 

1. Use an eyebrow pencil: This is completely optional but may be helpful if you are just starting to trim your eyebrows for the first time. Draw your desired shape with an eyebrow pencil directly on top of your eyebrows. Once you’ve done this, use the tweezers to pluck any hairs that are outside of the drawn on shape. After the outlier hairs are plucked, you can then use the eyebrow brush and trimming scissors to trim any hairs that are too long and don’t work with your shape. Lastly, use eyebrow razor to gently brush along the edges of your shaped eyebrows to get any remaining unwanted hairs. Pro Tip: Wondering if a particular hair should or shouldn't go? Take the blunt end of your tweezer or spoolie and pull/brush down and away from the rest of the brow. Does the brow line look empty? Does the brow look more full and natural if the hair stays? Make this assessment before proceeding to pull. 

2. Let your natural brow guide you: While aiming for your "ideal" brow shape, be sure to appreciate and embrace what you have. If you try to put a brow on your face that does not compliment your face shape and bone structure, it will have the opposite effect. Nature knows best - there's a reason your brows grow the way they do. 

3. Don't fight it. Maybe there's no real shaping work that needs to be done with hair removal, and all you're really looking for is a brow product (hint hint, nudge nudge - we know of a great option) to achieve the look you're aiming for on a daily basis. 

Remember; brows do not need to be drastically changed to make an impact. Pro Tip: Sometimes just a quick fluff post-shower with a spoolie can get you the look of a fluffy, laminated, full and N-A-T-U-R-A-L brow with no product!


If you’ve read this and you're still not sure how to shape your eyebrows for the first time (or are scared to get started), don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We love to help everyone look and feel their best!


As always, say hi to your beautiful brows for us. 


xo, browluxe®