Movin’ on up

Movin’ on up

If there’s anything that 2020 has taught us, it’s that it pays to take a step back and evaluate what really matters, what our true passions are, and that life (no matter how much we plan, schedule and organize) is unpredictable.  

Without the cliché annual overview of lessons learned, we thought we would let you know what we’re focusing on here at Browluxe as we move into the year of “reset” and change. 

Feel free to get in on the conversation and share your thoughts, lessons, successes, or failures in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. 

Always remember; you’re not alone. <3

  1.       Just do it 

Nike’s been telling us for years, but this is the year we are not holding back anymore. We refuse to approach 2021 with hesitation, fear or skepticism when it comes to our gut feelings. We know ourselves and our potential best – be your own best cheerleader. Without trial, we have no potential to learn. Without learning, we have no potential for growth and for AMAZING things to come our way. 


  1.       Focus on those that focus on you 

With the unbelievable amount of support we received this year, we’ve recognized that we need to figure out how best to give back to those that have been there and held up our brand in the most uncertain of times. We are taking this year to refocus within our community of amazing customers. Let us know below what you want to see from us ;) 


  1.       The little things aren’t little 

Be it taking the time to post a positive review, or email us thanking our team for helping you find your perfect match (and new favourite ;)) brow shade, we have been justified in our incessant dedication to customer service and never ending product development process. Know that every like, comment, share, save, review and positive email are keeping us going and giving us reasons for daily happy dances. 


  1.       Don’t dwell 

No matter how hard the last year was, how uncertain things may have been, we are choosing to see those moments as lessons; we refuse to let them hold us back. Any challenge we saw in the last year we consider to be a tiny little red flag bringing attention to an area of our operations that needed attention to get to unwavering stability. Could similar issues happen this year? Yes. Are we going to let that worry and dwelling hold us back from partying our way through 2021? No way baby. 


  1.       Growing in your brows was more terrifying than we remember.  

No comment. 

Without enough words to express our true appreciation, we would again just like to thank each and every one of you who have supported us and continue to support us through this journey we’re on to shade the brow cosmetics landscape. 

Every order, every social media engagement, each time you told a loved one about our brand, every pencil you gifted - it fills our hearts and (*almost*) makes us tear up with love. 

You are truly the best customers.

All our love, 

xo browluxe®