5 Tips On Spring Cleaning Your Life

5 Tips On Spring Cleaning Your Life

Congrats! You’ve made it through the first two (and usually the hardest two) months of the year. If the weather near you has been anything like it’s been here at browluxe Inc. headquarters, it’s been a cold and wet couple of months.

Spring is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited for the fresh and fun energy it tends to bring along with it!

If you’ve been spending a lot of time in hibernation mode this winter, chances are you could use some spring cleaning in more ways than one. The cold and dark months have a way of setting us back and you may tend to allow things to pile up because really, who wants to train for their marathon or go out to get food at night when it’s -30 degrees Celsius?!

Below you’ll find some of our tips to get you feeling refreshed and ready to take on spring with your best brow (sorry, had to) forward: 

  1. Declutter (everywhere & everything)

Be honest; are there garbage bits and granola bar wrappers all over the floor of your car? How much floor surface is visible in your bedroom? Is there 5-month expired almond milk hiding in the back of your fridge? Whatever space of yours has seen the brunt of your winter blues deserves some loving now.

Whether this means vacuuming out your back seats, organizing and wiping down your cupboards and fridge, or getting a closet organizer so you no longer rip out 17 items looking for your favourite cardigan; cleaning out the spaces that you spend your time in will relieve some tension in your body and mind, and give you a clean slate for the rest of the year.

As you go through your space, be honest with yourself as to what you need and what can go. If you haven’t worn it in the last year chances are, you’re not going to wear it in the next year. Be okay with letting go of things and freeing up your space to make room for fresh and positive energy. And remember – donate, recycle, repurpose or pass it on before considering the trash for any items you plan on clearing out. ;)

  1. Recommit to your health & fitness routine

 So, you didn’t stick to your 6 AM yoga and weekly juicing routine perfectly over the winter? Join the club. It’s proven to be much more difficult to stay accountable with our goals during the winter. As the weather begins to warm up and the sun stays shining longer, new activities start to pop-up around town, it comes time to sign-up for rec leagues, new classes, and the desire to get moving is back!

Spring brings a lot of opportunity to change-up your routine and to get back on a solid heathy schedule that’ll have you motivated and feeling your best. Try out a new activity in your local leisure guide, get a new recipe book full of fun things that you’d love to learn how to make (or go on a pinning-spree on Pinterest!), and recommit to choices that you know will leave you feeling good.


  1. Clean up your relationships

Take this as you wish. Maybe you drifted from some really good people over the winter and you need to pick up the phone and schedule a catch-up coffee date that you know will be great for the both of you. Maybe you’ve realized in the last couple months that there’s someone (or several individuals) that are really draining your energy.

Whether it’s reconnecting, or a serious and challenging break-up, it’s time to establish what relationships are filling your cup versus draining it, and allocating your time and energy accordingly.


  1. Unplug

 It’s no secret that social media can be just as addictive as Mini Eggs but if you’ve ever bought a jumbo bag of Mini Eggs you know that you can only eat so many before you start feeling not-so-great; social media’s kind of the same!

Doing a social cleanse can help you remember what’s important in your life and free-up your time and mind from the constant connection and need to engage.

FOMO is real and it’s not easy to delete Instagram for a week, but you’re not actually going to miss anything that is actually significant to your life. This time away might be just what you need to get yourself out of a comparison rut or rid yourself of unrealistic expectations you’re trying to live up to without even realizing.


  1. Check in with yourself

 How are you feeling? What are you doing to work towards your goals?

Now’s a great time to look back on the first two months of the year and readjust your goals, standards, routine, etc. based on how things are going and what your current needs look like.

Reassess. Are your actions lining up with your values? Are you happy with the path that you’re on? It’s never too late to reset or restart on a new path, or readjust if your current one isn’t fulfilling to you. Make sure you’re putting your needs first and choosing growth over people-pleasing always!

We hope your transition into spring has you feeling cheerful and hopeful about the new opportunities the season will bring. Take what you need from this list of suggestions and set yourself up to bloom with the flowers over the next few months!

Be sure to send this to a friend who you think could use a little boost after a tough winter or share your own tips in the comments below on what you do to find success after the winter slumps.

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