5 Beauty Routine Changes to Bring into the New Year

5 Beauty Routine Changes to Bring into the New Year

2019 is coming to a close, and wow has it been a good one!

We’ve learned lots, worked hard and grown as a brand - all for you.

Whatever this year has brought, we hope you welcome the lessons and focus on the future. With January around the corner, there’s no better time to take on a fresh outlook ;)

Speaking of fresh, we thought we’d share some killer beauty tips and tricks we’ve added to our own routines over the last year, so that you can carry them into the New Year!

Here they are, 5 beauty routine changes to bring into your 2020 routine:

  1. Sunscreen, every day - yes, in winter too.

UV rays are present year-round, not just in the summer! Although the burn-risk may not exist as it is during summer months (there are less UVA rays present in the winter), the UVB rays are just as bangin’ in the winter as they are in the summer.

These invisible rays penetrate even deeper into the skin and cause damage that may not appear on the skin until later on in life.

Overcast? Take precaution! UV rays pass through clouds and are even reflected by the snow. Most of us try to avoid wrinkles for as long as possible, and using sunscreen year-round is an amazing asset for this mission. Try a daily moisturizer with a physical or mineral SPF of around 30-50.

Here’s a list of some to consider adding to your makeup bag next time you need to replenish stock:

  1. Wash up with reusable makeup remover pads.

2019 has been buzzing with more sustainable beauty-routine options - and for good reason! As more and more beauty brands are switching to sustainable practices and shoppers are swapping to eco-friendly alternatives, we are realizing just how much the little things (like disposable cotton pads) add up!

This is such an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and does the trick even better than the flimsy cotton rounds ever did. Check out these bamboo makeup remover pads

If you’re crafty, you could also DIY your own makeup remover pads by cutting up some old linens – checkout these easy tutorials on YouTube:





  1. No extra chemicals - All-Natural Deodorant.

The ingredients hiding within your deodorant stick can be a little concerning. Deodorants tend to be full of nasty chemicals that can do a lot of harm to our overall health. We need to be just as mindful about what we put ON our body as we are about what we put IN our body. As we’re sure you’ve heard, the glands in your pits soak in a lot of extras as you sweat/live/move throughout the day.

Switching to an all-natural deodorant will not only help you smell great, but feel great too. Here’s some of our favs:



  1. Go 100% cruelty-free.

This might sound intense... but believe us, it’s much easier now than it’s ever been before (and totally worth it). There’s been a lot of indie beauty brands fighting animal testing and achieving Leaping Bunny Program Certification (like browluxe®!) in recent years. With the growing demand for cruelty-free products, even the big brands are taking the hint and following suit; making it easier than ever to ensure your whole beauty bag is #crueltyfree. If ever you’re unsure if a company tests on animals, do your research. Most companies will promote that they’re cruelty-free and the one’s that aren’t really need to step up their game. 

PS: Be sure to work through all of the products you already have that maybe aren’t so animal-friendly. We encourage change in time, in a sustainable way – don’t waste product! 

  1. Biotin is your new best friend.

This B vitamin could be just what you need to improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails. It helps your body convert food into energy and is great for aiding in longevity of many elements of your body. Obviously, all bodies are different and we can’t guarantee it’ll work for you, but it’s definitely worth a shot! Try these strawberry biotin gummies from Nature’s Bounty, they’re destined to make you feel like a kid again.

Tips we think you know but are worth the reminder:

  1. Coconut oil for basically everything.

Coconut oil is an amazing all-natural product that moisturizes and improves blood circulation. The fatty acids in coconut oil work to protect hair from breaking and the vitamins and natural oils work to promote healthy and thicker hair and brows! It’s great to apply to your brows overnight to work towards thicker, fuller brows and it also works as a hair mask if you’re looking to add some hydration. Oh, and it also works miracles removing stubborn eye makeup... it truly does it all.



  1. Wash your hair LESS (aka helloooo dry shampoo).

If you’re having dandruff, frizz, and grease problems that are causing you to wash your hair on the daily, chances are the root (no pun intended) of your problem is the fact that you’re washing your hair TOO much!

It’s going to be tough at first, but as you extend the length of time between washes your hair will start producing less oils because you’re no longer stripping the hair of the natural oils your scalp produces. Dry shampoo will help you with the transition and keep your hair feeling refreshed while tackling the grease. While there are so many great options on the market, here’s a list of some of our favs to checkout:

  1. Stop wearing your ponytail to bed!

Sleeping with a ponytail in can cause a lot of damage to your hair follicles which leads to breakage and split ends... not fun. If you really hate having your hair down while you sleep, try a loose-fitted scrunchie (we love the ones from Loose Threads Co) or silk scarf to tie it back. Toss a tangle-free brush through it and make sure your hair is fully dry before going to bed to improve the overall health of your hair if you’re looking for more ways to encourage luscious locks. 

We hope these simple tricks help you in your daily beauty routine. At the end of the day it’s all about finding what practices and products work best for YOU, but we love to give our suggestions along the way!

 If you incorporate any of these or have some of your own beauty tricks to add, please tag us in your posts! We love to share our knowledge with you but even more so we love to learn from you. Enjoy every last moment of 2019 <3

xo browluxe®