4 Ways to Use Your Brow Pencil… & We're Not Just Talkin' Brows 😉

Hello gorgeous!

With the fall season approaching and the sunny days dwindling we can feel it in the air that you’re going to be joining us on the “we’re bored with our makeup selection”-train.

Our goal this season is to shop our own kits, so we thought we would let you in on a little secret:

We use our brow pencils for way more than just brows – and so should you!

In case you’d rather watch these tips and learn from one of our favourite makeup enthusiasts (and professional permanent makeup and brow artists) we tossed a tutorial version up on our YouTube channel. Check it out HERE, or just keep reading! 


Use #1 – BROWS (duh)


Your perfect match! If you need help determining that, please reach out to our team over DM on Instagram or via email at for a custom shade match consult. Joss is using W-03 COCOA in the video.

  1. Start at the head and create a bottom guideline.
  2. For a fluffier “boy brow”-look, use the precision point of the pencil to create soft hair strokes in an upward motion to fill in the brow and give dimension. Be sure to follow the natural growth pattern of your brow hair for the most realistic appearance.
  3. Fill through the rest of the brow with the same soft stroke application, or if you like a bit more definition like Joss, feel free to build up that pigment to create a bolder body, arch and tail of the brow.
  4. Feeling really fluffy? Add a couple extra hair strokes at the head of the brow fanned into the center for a very laminated naturally grown-out look. 


Start with your non-dominate or “tricky” brow side. It will be easier to match your more compliant brow back to the other.


On to the next!


Use #2 – LIP LINER (pucker-up)


We love the warmer tones BUT, you do you boo boo. Our picks are W-01 WALNUT and W-02 NUTMEG (this is the one that Lauren uses in the video).

  1. Prep those lips – use a lip balm or lip mask.
  2. Starting at the Cupid’s Bow (see video for reference), define the lip line with an “X” or create your preferred shape.
  3. Continue down the top line of the top lip towards the corners of your mouth working back and forth between the two sides to ensure symmetry. Use small sweeping strokes to achieve ultimate precision – don’t just go in and draw a solid complete line from point to point.
  4. Move down to the bottom lip and, starting in the centre, work out to the corners of the mouth. Keep the bottom lip shape round; this will give the lip more volume and “pout”.
  5. Once lined, feel free to top with a lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss OR start to shade in the full lip and work the colour up to the mouth.


Stretching your mouth out to make the curves of your lip along the lip line (or vermilion border) more flat will help with easy application.

On to the eyes!



All of the browluxe® shades are perfect for eyeliner depending on the look you’re going for. If you’re fairer, opt for one of the lighter tones such as N-01 COFFEE or W-01 WALNUT. If you’re looking for more of a punch or have darker features, N-02 CARBON or W-03 COCOA will be your best choices.

  1. Starting on the outermost point of the eye, work in towards the centre of the lash line with a light hand and fine strokes. Feel free to work as far in to the tear duct (innermost point of the eye) as you’d like!

If you’re happy with a defined lash line, stop here! Apply mascara and off you go ;)

  1. Looking for more of a defined moment? Let’s add a wing. Starting from the outermost point/corner of the eye, slowly work outwards with the pencil to define the length of wing that you want.
  2. Build out the wing using a triangle shape so that the point comes in to meet the eye in the same thickness that you have running along the eye.
  3. To replicate as alike as possible on the other eye, take the time to determine the wing angle by working in small strokes and checking back and forth between the two eyes before going full in with pigment. It’s easier to add or readjust than take away (especially with our long-wear formula!).


… to be totally honest, writing a description for this technique is tough. For a more visual aid, checkout the video of Joss mastering this application HERE.


Moving the colour back and forth as you apply directly to the lash line with a lighter hand will give a more smoked-out look. Oh, and we know you want to pull that eye skin to make it easier - DON'T! Leave those beauties alone and give it a shot without pulling on that delicate skin. 

Okay. Let’s get down to sun kisses.





We find that the more natural faux freckle applications come from a combination of neutral brown and warm brown tones, with perhaps a dash of light cool. It all depends on your skin tone, so take your pick! Lauren’s choice? W-01 WALNUT for her light-medium skin tone.

Using the precision tip, tap the skin in the areas you want to apply. Be sure to spread out the spacing.

We suggest starting with the high points of the cheeks/cheekbones, across the nose, forehead, and maybe adding a couple babies to the lip line or around the cupid’s bow.

  1. Apply a combination of darker and light spots, and be sure they are not all perfectly circular. The sun doesn’t always produce a perfectly round freckle so take notes ;)
  2. After you apply a single or small grouping, use the pad of your finger or a beauty sponge to pat over and lighten the pigment.
  3. Don’t overdo it! The more variation in pigment density and spacing, the more natural and seamless it will look. 


Keep that application to the high points of your face where the sun would naturally hit your face. Be sure to work out from there and place some outliers so that it gives a more natural appearance.

That’s it, that’s all folks.

Thanks for joining us on this month’s blog.

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